Pea The Feary

Special guest

I am Pea the Feary (Faerie) I consider myself an Afrofuturist and Seer (amongst many other “titles”). My work is about possibility, potential and realization. I am a strong believer in universal consciousness. The possibilities of what the universe can provide are endless and all within reach because we are already connected to everything. The same particles that make up the stars in the sky and water in the ocean are in all of us. All that matters is how those particles are arranged.

I am on a journey expanding deeper into love, if I am of service to you during this journey that is beautiful but I do not live to serve others, it just so happens the more love I allow the more I am moved to share love’s messages. I’m also sure this paragraph about me will shift and adjust every 3 months haha.

Pea The Feary has been a guest on 2 episodes.