Lacey Free

Host of Hoar Pod

I’m Lacey, a wandering soul who thrives on evolution and passion. I bite my lip sometimes nearly bursting with opinions. There is excitement in my eyes, but if you look closely you can see a flame of courage. I am a birth doula. I am a death doula. I am a modern day madam and sex work enthusiast. Being a witch is in my blood.

I thought I could never be a healer because I am not fully healed, but then I realized no healer “heals” another being. Healers just hold safe space and resources for another being to heal themself.

I am here to hold safe space. I am here to offer plant and herb resources. I am here to invoke the jumping of timelines and travel of dimensions.

I am here to wake the Galactic. I am here for the Galactic to wake me.

Lacey Free has hosted 49 Episodes.